Aside from eavesdropping on a few morning meetings, documentary maker Andrew Rossi doesn’t get much farther inside the New York Times than the desk of media reporter David Carr. Fortunately for the filmmaker, Carr got his hands on a hot story during the shoot when he began reporting the Randy Michaels fiasco at the Tribune Company. Rossi addresses the crisis in newspapers generally, and at the Times in particular, with a grab bag of illustrative stories: the faulty reporting of Judith Miller in the run-up to the Iraq war, the paper’s publication of government documents obtained from WikiLeaks, the alarming (and much-disputed) prediction in a 2009 Atlantic story that the Times was about to close, and the critical decision to erect a pay wall for subscribers. As an avid media watcher, I didn’t come away from this with any new insights, but the movie is a pretty good snapshot of the daily newspaper business in transition and turmoil.