After making several short films about young people in the titular Florida Everglades community—Pahokee, a town with only 6,000 residents and a median income of $14,000—filmmaking duo Patrick Bresnan and Ivete Lucas extend their scope with this feature-length documentary about a year in the lives of four of the town’s Black and Latinx high school seniors. Details of the oppression they must contend with aren’t overt, as Bresnan and Lucas insert them subtly, often through fleeting, observational shots that recall those in Frederick Wiseman’s evasively political documentaries. Much of the film is joyous, especially as it focuses on events like football championships, school dances, and graduation, but Bresnan and Lucas don’t shy away from the overall sense of melancholy that hangs over places like Pahokee. Bresnan’s elegiac shooting style, often reminiscent of Emmanuel Lubezki’s work for Terence Malick, doesn’t serve to gloss over the difficult subject matter, but rather brings out the beauty of the tenacious protagonists and the place they call home.