This is the sort of tragic-romantic melodrama that one would expect to be the worst kind of drivel imaginable, but the French have a proud tradition of turning such stuff out with great conviction. In spite of the contemporary look and the contemporary featured illness, this film is unapologetically in the tradition of Hugo and Zola. Strip away director Charles Biname’s razzle-dazzle quick cuts and jump-cut editing, and you’re left with a classic story of love found and love lost told with fervor. Biname and coscenarist Suzanne Jacob are so adept at pacing the story that you gladly ignore improbabilities and inconsistencies in the plot and accept the film’s core message: that true love can happen, even in the most impossible circumstances, if people are receptive to it. And that no matter how painful or difficult, it’s infinitely better than not having experienced love at all. 92 min.