This clunky sci-fi romance from director Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) is clearly a metaphor for how life’s uncertainties and the fear of dying alone can breed a selfish and possessive kind of love—the main characters not only actualize it but repeatedly articulate it, as if the audience were too dumb to figure it out. Set sometime in the distant future, the narrative follows two passengers from earth (Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence) on a luxury spaceship to another colonized planet as they each wake from their hibernation pods about 90 years early, and with no apparent way to return to cryosleep. Ostensibly we’re supposed to like Pratt and Lawrence together, yet Pratt’s character does something so unforgivable to Lawrence’s at the outset that their ensuing interactions simmer with a mix of horror and disbelief; they’re appealing actors failed by the film’s many contrivances. With Michael Sheen and a great Laurence Fishburne as unambiguous plot devices.