Several of the best of these 11 videos successfully pair abstract images with music-no small achievement. Michaela Grill’s Trans uses a fog of unfocused shapes to add space and mystery to Martin Siewert’s dreamy track of pulses and silences, and Michaela Schwentner’s Jet uses Radian’s music to accompany shifting hints of grids. ReMI’s terrific Zijkfijergojok melds intricate flickering geometrical patterns with snatches of imagery and appropriately pointillist sound. On a very different note, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby’s I Am a Conjuror shows a nude couple talking about how they plan to revolutionize science with their “discoveries”; the charm lies in the mix of playful nonsense, the hints of genuine belief (they like endangered species), and the use of long takes and drab delivery to evoke serious anomie. 76 min.