A sequel to director David Burton Morris’s Loose Ends that is set about a dozen years later, this film consists mainly of Billy (Chris Mulkey) and Eddie (John Jenkins), the two buddies of the previous film, meeting up again in Saint Paul, Minnesota and taking an all-night drive to see Billy’s girlfriend, Patti Rocks (Karen Landry). Patti has become pregnant and wants to have the baby; Eddie insists it’s about time that Billy tell her he’s already married and has a kid. In overall ambience if not in style, this macho bonding exercise recalls the kind of behavior on display in Cassavetes’s Husbands; eventually it adds up to something when Patti Rocks has her say and the plot thickens. But it’s a long haul getting to her apartment, and director Morris can only sustain the long stretches of talk—scripted by himself and the three lead actors—in snatches. An independent effort of this kind has its moments—one appreciates, in particular, the local details—but it’s hard to find the characters as interesting as the filmmakers want them to be; we’ve been down this long road and heard the equivalent of Billy’s misogynistic raps too many times before.