He’s a sculptor, she’s a choreographer; they share a loft where they live and work, host fun parties, and have great sex. Things seem to be going well until she begins dropping hints that she yearns for greater independence and he starts expressing interest in raising a family. Júlia Murat wrote and directed this Brazilian art film, which charts the couple’s daily routine before subtly introducing signs of their discontent. The movie is so subtle, in fact, that you may not recognize the protagonists’ unhappiness until the story’s almost over, though at that point you may have grown tired of the excessively underplayed drama. Murat’s inventive visual compositions keep this watchable, as do the explicit sex scenes, which build upon the characterization in addition to generating erotic fascination. Still, you might wish there were more to the story than the slender details Murat provides. In Portuguese with English subtitles.