In this irresistible Japanese anime, a solemn fourth-grade science wiz with an intense curiosity about the world in general—and his busty dental hygienist in particular—is thrown together with her over the summer when large flocks of cute penguins suddenly invade his quiet inland town. The mystery of their appearance deepens when he learns it’s she who’s summoning them, although she can’t explain how. Making his feature debut, 30-year-old director Hiroyasu Ishida confidently adapts Tomihiko Morimi’s bestselling coming-of-age novel, gracefully segueing from the hero’s prepubescent urges to reflections on nature and impermanence, and illustrating brief digressions on the space-time continuum and Einstein’s general theory of relativity with panache. It’s a heady brew, gorgeous to behold, and wise about children and the places in their hearts. In Japanese with subtitles.