Bad timing can kill a movie that has everything going for it, but the problem with Peppermint isn’t so much bad timing as tone deafness on an egregious scale. Jennifer Garner plays Riley North, a true underdog, the movie takes great pains to reassure us, even before her husband and young daughter are slaughtered by cartoonishly evil members of a Mexican drug cartel. But pretty much everyone opposing her is a caricature, and disturbingly, most of them are also people of color. After Garner disappears for five years to transform herself into a killing machine, Peppermint quickly dispatches the legal pieces of the system responsible so she can singlehandedly dismantle the underworld that corrupted it. The moments of humor aren’t nearly enough to save a movie that portrays Garner as an angelic white savior when many families are actually being torn apart by the toxic values Peppermint represents.