A selection by filmmaker Vincent Grenier of films made up of found footage. They are termed “perfect films” because, as Grenier puts it, “By having lost their functions through transformation or being used differently than intended, found objects can no longer be qualified; they become perfect.” The films in question include two works signed by Ken Jacobs, The Doctor’s Dream (a 1978 dismantling and rearrangement of an educational film made for TV) and Perfect Film (made up of used and discarded newsreel footage—of an interview with a black reporter shortly after the Malcolm X assassination—retitled and released by Jacobs in 1986); Daniel Eisenberg’s Displaced Person (1981), which runs through an optical printer material shot for the Nazis and subtitled for the allies; Stan Brakhage’s Murder Psalm (1981), which starts from TV news coverage of the war in Vietnam; and Esther Shatavsky’s Bedtime Story (1981).