Thematically this is Olivier Assayas’s darkest feature since Boarding Gate (2007), though it’s much better, owing largely to Kristen Stewart’s mesmeric performance as a young Parisian who works as personal shopper to a jet-set model and, in her spare time, communicates with the dead. Her twin brother, also a spiritual medium, has recently succumbed to a heart condition that she shares, and while he was alive, they agreed that the first to die would try to make contact with the other. Assayas stages numerous scenes in near darkness as the heroine prowls around seeking her late sibling, and an inordinate number of scenes fade to black, suggesting (intentionally or not) the boundaries of consciousness. What gives the story its spooky resonance, however, is a confluence between the unmoored exploration of the protagonist’s spiritualism and the international rootlessness of the model’s world. In French with subtitles.