This newest adaptation proves that, when written and directed with care, there’s still life in the world of horror created by Stephen King. Beautifully directed with shots that are both breathtaking and faithful to the original text, this film follows a married couple (Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz) as they confront demons from the past and present after relocating to a rural town in Maine. Codirectors Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer’s vision of a small town haunted by its own secrets manages to grab your attention from the moment the opening credits fade away, and the actors’ perfect comedic timing intertwined with jump scares creates a tense mood that makes even the absurd plausible. The pacing of the film is quick—there’s no time to wonder what happens in the everyday life of this family—but by hopping straight to the heart of the dilemma at hand, Kölsch and Widmyer create another classic horror tale that’ll leave even the bravest of hearts shielding their eyes