Olivia Cooke is reason enough to watch Pixie. If you’ve yet to be mesmerized by her acting chops (see Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Katie Says Goodbye, Thoroughbreds, Sound of Metal, or even Bates Motel), here’s your chance. As the equal parts charming and cunning Pixie O’Brien, she carries the movie with deft skill. A high-energy heist film, Pixie takes viewers through Ireland as O’Brien teams up with Frank (Ben Hardy) and Harland (Daryl McCormack) to avenge her mother and escape her suffocatingly small town. While Frank and Ben’s characters are clearly in over their head, they provide an exciting chemistry to the trio as they all try to scheme and swindle their way to safety and success. Unfortunately, there are threats around every corner, whether it’s Catholic criminals (which include Alec Baldwin, ew) or family foes, leaving viewers wondering until the very end who will get theirs.