Jeff Krulik (Heavy Metal Parking Lot) compiled these video shorts, some his own, most documenting eccentric hobbies and off-center tastes. His Obsesssed With Jews shows a man who collects trading cards of Jewish public figures in sports, media, and politics; as obsessive as any collector, the man also points out that he’s documenting Jewish history. In The Brady Bunch directors Brendan Conway and Paul Starke interview 30ish actor Robbie Rist, who played Cousin Oliver in six episodes of the 70s sitcom, but he can’t seem to convince them that there’s more to life than TV. Media fandom informs other segments as well, but there’s also a fine piece in which Krulik discusses pancakes with a waitress, who then takes the camera and tapes him. It makes explicit the sensibility underlying his work: an interest in the marginalized, the mundane, the unimportant. His tone, a fine mix of self-deprecation and delight, turns the whole into more than the sum of its parts. 87 min.