A tight-knit family move into a new home and get terrorized by angry ghouls whose graves lie beneath the neighborhood. This perfunctory remake of the 1982 chiller has more in common with recent offerings from Bloomhouse Productions (Sinister, Oculus) than with Tobe Hooper’s satirical, fantasy-tinged original. Screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire updates the story, turning the well-to-do Reaganites of the original into cash-stripped victims of the Great Recession; the snowy, old-fashioned TV sets from which Hooper’s ghosts memorably appeared are now glitchy flat-screens. Director Gil Kenan ruins the pacing with too many half-baked, awkwardly staged horror set pieces, but the cast acquit themselves well enough; Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt have unique chemistry as the parents, and Jared Harris is hammy fun as a grizzled ghost hunter, replacing Zelda Rubinstein’s quirky medium from the original.