If Patti Smith likes the Pope, can he really be doing his job? That’s the question ultimately raised by this documentary about Pope Francis, which combines footage of his public appearances with an exclusive interview in which, speaking directly to the camera, he summarizes his spiritual views on poverty, unemployment, and environmental collapse. Director Wim Wenders (Buena Vista Social Club) was raised Catholic but comes at his subject from a secular perspective, celebrating the pontiff’s progressive politics; the only tough questions, about homosexuality and pedophile priests, come from reporters at the back of an airplane as Francis visits the U.S. This packaging of the Pope for liberal consumption is harmless enough, though viewers deserve something a little more thoughtful at a time when some Catholics are beginning to wonder if this pontificate will amount to more than a series of lovely gestures. A quick note: I was expecting numerous scenes of Francis washing people’s feet, but there aren’t any, so go ahead and buy that popcorn.