This cameo-stuffed mockumentary tries to be the next Zoolander, but it’s more of a vanity project for Andy Samberg and his cohorts in the comedy trio the Lonely Island (aka Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, who codirect; all three wrote the script and act in the film). Samberg plays Conner4Real, a narcissistic rapper-singer who split from his successful boy band to become an even more successful solo artist. The fake documentary crew follows the pop star and his entourage (played by Tim Meadows and Sarah Silverman, among others) as they promote a poorly received album and embark on a European tour supported and threatened by the opening act, a provocative rapper (Chris Redd). There are jabs at EDM, TMZ, and the Grammys, but half of the jokes are just celebrities popping in to mutter a line or two. It quickly becomes evident that this expensive-looking feature is an overextended Saturday Night Live digital short that would have worked better on the small screen.