Possessor is an especially timely film. Playing to writer-director Brandon Cronenberg’s strengths, his sophomore feature is a stylish body-horror full of striking and unshakable images, much like his 2012 debut, Antiviral. Aimed at capitalism instead of celebrity, this cautionary tale follows elite agent Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough), who works for a secretive organization that uses brain-implant technology to inhabit other people’s consciousness. Once inside, the agent commits assassinations for high-paying clients. It’s an impressive and well-executed premise, which the cast’s acting chops support skillfully. When Tasya enters her newest mark, Colin Tate (Christopher Abbott), at the direction of her boss, Girder (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a struggle ensues as their respective consciousnesses battle for control of the body, underscoring Cronenberg’s assertion that in our capitalistic society, even our own autonomy comes at a price. He asks us to think, what is one willing to leave behind in pursuit of a perfect performance review?