With Hungarian writer-director Lili Horvát’s second feature, it’s less a question of “Will they or won’t they?” than “Are they or aren’t they?” Márta (Natasa Stork, a scintillatingly enigmatic presence) is an accomplished Hugarian neurosurgeon who’s spent much of her career in the U.S. She meets another Hungarian doctor at a conference in New Jersey, where they arrange to meet up a month later on a bridge in Budapest. Márta makes the trip only to be stood up; when she tracks down the doctor at the hospital where he works, he claims not to know her. Likewise dismayed and intrigued, Márta moves back to Budapest, takes a job at a nearby hospital, and begins following him, meanwhile attending therapy to determine if perhaps she invented the circumstances of their alleged meeting; mirroring Márta’s self-deception is that of a young medical student who’s enamored with her, convinced that she returns the sentiment. Overall I appreciate the intent of this modern take on the gaslight noir, in which we not only experience the purported delusion from the woman’s perspective, but also accompany her in a journey toward discovering the truth behind her fixation. One can’t help but to be pulled in by the narrative machinations—the ambiguity of the premise is duly evocative, played for genuine suspense—which makes the underwhelming revelation toward the end all the more frustrating. Like Márta’s own obsession, it might be that whatever’s good about this film exists only in your head. In Hungarian and English with subtitles.