The hero of this indie drama from the Netherlands is a half-white, half-Moroccan preteen who lives in an Amsterdam housing project with his mother and half sister (both of them white) and who spends most of his free time loitering with his delinquent friends. Writer-director Sam de Jong often presents the boy’s activities in arty tableau shots that recall Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s early feature Katzelmacher (1969), another drama of lower-class life that’s less concerned with telling a story than with presenting ritualized behavior. The slight plot turns grisly in the second half, when the hero gets taken under the wing of a psychopathic local thug. De Jong indulges in some shocking, violent imagery in these passages, and this detracts from the film’s effective social portrait; so too does the aggressively loud synth-pop soundtrack. In Dutch with subtitles.