Nine videos in varying styles. The best of the more abstract pieces, Kurtis Hough’s appealing Stumble Then Rise On Some Awkward Morning, sets chandelierlike shapes adrift in a seductively vast space. The found-footage genre is represented by Vanessa Renwick’s Britton, South Dakota, an often affecting montage of kids and babies posing for the camera circa 1938. The superimposed sensuous flesh in Leighton Pierce’s A Private Happiness (2003) suggests the story of a couple—but what?s with all those shots of the Empire State Building? Sergio Batiz’s Danzante documents an amazing traditional “feather dance” performed by Zapotec Indians in Mexico; Nadav Kurtz’s noirish Wrecker (2003), about a man held captive by a mysterious woman, is marred by overripe stylistic flourishes, including a trip into the protagonist’s ear canal. 82 min.