The latest pandemic-ready offering from Netflix, Project Power is a largely entertaining and competently choreographed action flick that wastes little time on extemporaneous background details or complex character arcs. Art (Jamie Foxx), a former soldier on the hunt for his missing daughter, is forced into an uneasy alliance with local cop Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and teenage drug dealer/aspiring rapper Robin (Dominique Fishback), to track the source of a new superdrug decimating the streets of New Orleans. The hot new drug, nicknamed “power,” provides the user with five minutes of superhero-like ability that differs from user to user. The downsides are that you don’t know what your power is until you take it, and every once in a while, the user explodes. Our trifecta of good guys is quippy and compelling enough to root for as they attempt to get to the bottom of things, fighting their way through a series of scheming villains pumped up by their various temporary abilities. Project Power even squeezes in a little timely moral metaphor on the nature of power for, as Art expounds on the corrupt forces behind the new superdrug, “Power goes to where it always goes, to the people that already have it.”