Promising Young Woman is a candy-coated killer of a film. Following Cassandra (Carey Mulligan), who, like the movie itself, is sweet on the outside and a little scary on the inside, viewers are treated to a timely thriller that takes on society’s history of favoring men’s futures over women’s lives. After Cassandra’s best friend Nina suffers a campus sexual assault, which goes unaddressed by peers and professors, she takes matters into her own hands, avenging Nina by torturing all involved. Her tactics are wicked and are sure to raise some questions about justice, thanks to writer-director Emerald Fennell’s creative and cutting work. This debut feature suffers, however, from an at-home viewing. From its captivating visuals, which offer an array of stylized girliness, to its fantastical plot, to a banger scene soundtracked by Paris Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind,” it’s a shame this one isn’t safe to see on the big screen.