Since the turn of the century, Martin Scorsese has indulged his inner fanboy with documentaries about Bob Dylan (No Direction Home), the Rolling Stones (Shine a Light), Elia Kazan (A Letter to Elia), and George Harrison (the forthcoming Living in the Material World). For this slick, disposable, but highly entertaining video he takes on Fran Lebowitz, the witty and perceptive New York writer who made a splash with her essay collections Metropolitan Life (1978) and Social Studies (1981) but hasn’t done much since then. A skilled raconteur and slashing social critic, Lebowitz holds forth from her booth at the Waverly Inn, a Greenwich Village hot spot, and her cocky, eminently quotable repartee (“I believe in talking about people behind their backs; that way they hear it more than once”) harks back to an earlier, pretelevision era when verbal skill was more highly prized and the publishing world accommodated such razor-sharp comic talents as George Kaufman, Dorothy Parker, James Thurber, and S.J. Perelman.