In this 1998 video documentary by Sanjeev Chatterjee, U.S.-based writer and photographer Amitava Kumar visits Trinidad to interview people descended from the slaves and merchants who migrated there from India during the colonial era. Most of them have Spanish surnames, but vestiges of the old culture survive in their customs, their ceremonies, and their fond preoccupation with the motherland. Kumar uses the spectrum of influences on the island as a point of departure for his own views on colonialism, diversity, and the ancient antagonism between Hindus and Muslims, some of them trenchant, others academic; Chatterjee, recording the people’s faces and gestures, reveals more about the obscure community than his writer and narrator. On the same program: Lee Chatametikool’s short film Miami Strips, Hollywood Dream (1999), a head scratcher that intercuts amorous scenes from old Thai and American movies with shots of two enigmatic lovers in 1970s Bangkok, and Square-Shaped Fingernails (1999), in which School of the Art Institute grad Balvinder D. Mudan pairs video from trips to Punjab with a chatty, meandering voice-over.