Danish video maker Lisa Birk Pedersen frames this documentary as the story of Masha Drokova, a Russian teenager whose smarts and enthusiasm catapulted her to the top of the pro-Putin youth group Nashi before her growing friendships with liberal journalists turned her around politically. The evolution of Drokova’s political views from the far right to the center isn’t examined in sufficient depth for her story to carry the documentary, but along the way Pedersen presents many fascinating and chilling glimpses of Nashi, a legion of young political shock troops who worship Putin and demonize his opponents with the most incendiary rhetoric. As some in the movie allege, fringe elements of Nashi also engage in dirty tricks and even physical attacks. When the story explodes into violence, it tilts away from Drokova, which makes you wonder if she was the best subject available to Pedersen or only the least frightened. In Russian with subtitles.