Taggart Siegel, director of the popular eco-doc The Real Dirt on Farmer John (2005), turns his attention to the mysterious drop in honeybee populations across the U.S. and Europe, a phenomenon known as “colony collapse disorder.” Because 40 percent of American food production involves pollination by bees, CCD is serious business, and scientists have blamed everything from pesticides to viruses to cell phone use. For the most part Siegel fingers corporate agribusiness, whose shortsighted procedures include monocropping (planting the same crop acre after acre, year after year), migratory beekeeping (importing hives for systematic crop pollination), and feeding the little critters high-fructose corn syrup to keep them hopped up and ready for action. The documentary begins to lose its shape as Siegel ponders the spiritual and cultural impact of the honeybee, but it does succeed in flagging a potentially critical problem.