Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto, best known here for the warped superhero romp Big Man Japan, takes dead aim at the sexual kinks of his countrymen with this goofy tale (2013) of a mild-mannered department store salesman caught up in a secret S-M society. According to the terms of his membership, dominatrices show up without notice to beat the tar out of him, often in public and even in his place of employment. Among them is the “Queen of Voices,” who can impersonate anyone in his life; the “Queen of Saliva,” who expectorates all over him; and the grotesque “Queen of Gobbling,” who crams entire men down her throat. Matsumoto works overtime to keep this vital once the basic premise has been established, but the cultural subtext is so potent that he really can’t go wrong. In Japanese with subtitles.