Food and family are the heart of this 2018 Singaporean-Japanese-French film by Eric Khoo. In a small Japanese town, a young man (Takumi Saitô) arrives to begin his shift at the family-owned ramen shop only to find his emotionally distant father dead on the floor. This sudden loss sets off a chain of events, spurred further by the discovery of several diaries left behind by his long-dead Singaporean mother, which causes our hero to drop everything and travel to Singapore in search of his maternal family with the help of a local food blogger (played by 1980s J-pop idol Seiko Matsuda). Saccharine at times in its handling of familial conflict, the film initiates but ultimately glances off serious engagement with tough topics, namely the Japanese occupation of Singapore. Outside of the plot, Khoo’s direction shines in its painstaking attention to the movie’s true subject: food. Ambient sound peters out in favor of the hiss of oil and puddling of broth; light glistens off gelatinous chicken; vibrant color saturates shots of crab tossed in chilis. Each moment is an ode to Singaporean and Japanese cuisine sure to leave an audience salivating. In English, Mandarin, and Japanese with subtitles.