A 1950s atomic monster movie on a modern megabudget, this thriller stars Dwayne Johnson as a San Diego primate specialist whose best buddy, an albino gorilla named George, is infected by a serum that causes it to grow exponentially. The wicked corporation that developed the serum cranks up a giant antenna on the roof of the Willis Tower to call home its creations, and before long the Loop is besieged by not only the Kong-size George but also a titanic wolf and crocodile. (Tourists! I hate them.) Ridiculous but entertaining, the movie profits from Jake Lacy’s supporting performance as a sniveling corporate conspirator and even more from Johnson and the ape, who communicate with sign language and yuk it up like a couple of baggy-pants comedians. Brad Peyton directed; with Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.