Writer-director Claire Burger (who cowrote and codirected the 2014 feature Party Girl) pulls off an emotional balancing act with her first solo directorial effort. The film follows a middle-aged man, Mario⁠ (Bouli Lanners), and his two teenage daughters after Mario separates from his wife; 17-year-old Niki is eager for independence, while 14-year-old Frida is coming to terms with her sexuality. Both struggle, in their own ways, with their parents’ separation. Burger doesn’t sentimentalize the harsh realities of marriage, parenting, and adolescence; instead she emphasizes the complexities of these stages of life. She also incorporates classical, modern, and contemporary art (Mario, a civil servant, is an unlikely art buff) to emotional results. One subplot considers a local theater production of an avant-garde play that features Mario; Burger has remarked that she wanted to portray art as being needed by the middle-class in order to face life. In French with subtitles.