Rebecca Baron: Detour de Force

In the title work of this shorts program, LA-based video artist Rebecca Baron reassembles footage from a 1965 TV documentary about Ted Serios—a working-class Chicagoan who claimed he could transmit his thoughts directly onto Polaroid film—into something like an avant-garde sci-fi movie. Cutting unpredictably between different shots, including outtakes, and employing an eerie electroacoustic score, Baron conjures up a world where ordinary people possess supernatural powers (though in real life Serios’s claims were debunked). Also included are four pieces from Baron and Douglas Goodwin’s ongoing “Lossless” series, in which digital manipulation techniques serve to blur, pixilate, and otherwise distort scenes from old movies. These works build upon an interesting paradox: both the samples and the distortions (which resemble run-of-the-mill computer glitches) look familiar, but combined, they appear otherworldly.