The third and last installment of the “Red Riding” trilogy (2009) works overtime to tie up all the loose ends from the previous two movies, which prevents it from developing any story momentum or thematic integrity of its own. Nine years after the child murders of Red Riding: 1974, another little girl disappears without a trace, which pricks the guilty conscience of a hard-working cop (David Morrissey) and prompts a seedy attorney (Mark Addy) to appeal the conviction of the mentally disabled man railroaded by the police in the earlier movie. If you’ve seen 1974 and 1980, you won’t need my urging to finish up with this one, but be advised that the others are more haunting and powerful despite their unanswered questions (or, perhaps, because of them). Anand Tucker directed a script by Tony Grisoni; with Peter Mullan. 105 min.