Like an idiot, I came to this movie hoping that director Catherine Hardwicke—who made her debut with the controversial bad-girl drama Thirteen (2003)—might engage in a feminist interrogation of the old fairy tale, just as French filmmaker Catherine Breillat has with Bluebeard (2009) and The Sleeping Beauty (2010). Instead this is a muddle-headed horror flick, set in a medieval village, that beefs up the five-minute children’s story with 95 minutes of werewolf tropes, plot convolutions, and heavy-breathing teen romance along the lines of Hardwicke’s last outing, Twilight. Amanda Seyfried is the title character, Julie Christie is her grandmother, and Gary Oldman struts around as a crusading priest, knowing full well that many viewers will be grateful to him just for showing up. With Virginia Madsen and Lukas Haas.