Red Sparrow

This thriller about modern Russian and U.S. spies was adapted from a novel by a former CIA operative, but it plays like a Hollywood movie from the 1940s. A cool-blond Jennifer Lawrence shows off her best Russian accent as the heroine, a young ballerina whose career is cut short by an onstage disaster; Matthias Schoenaerts is her cagey uncle, who drafts her into a government spy program based on the art of sexual and emotional seduction. Director Francis Lawrence, a veteran of the Hunger Games franchise, seems to have reasoned that, because Russian literature is so long and slow, making his movie long and slow would be the path to authenticity; minus 30 or 40 minutes, his movie might have been a winning piece of international tomfoolery. With Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling, Ciarán Hinds, and Joel Edgerton as the love interest, a rugged CIA agent who falls for the ballerina and winds up on the wrong end of a skin-grafting razor.