In his first film as writer-star, comedian Bill Maher surveys the malign influence of organized religion, arguing that faith is a neurological disease that must be cured before it destroys the planet. This has its funny moments, but unlike Maher’s excellent HBO show Real Time, it aims for laughs more than insights—and aims low. Maher interviews a few heavy hitters (Dr. Francis Collins, director of the Human Genome Project; Reverend George Coyne, director emeritus of the Vatican Observatory), yet he mostly bypasses serious religious thinkers in favor of fundamentalist goofballs he can ridicule with ease. And he and director Larry Charles (Borat) play dirty, using on-screen captions to mock the interviewees and creating phony reaction shots by editing in footage of them taken out of context. The end result is a small movie about the biggest questions of all: why we’re here and how this all came to be. R, 101 min.