X-Film Chicago has organized this program as a memorial to Kevin Deal, who was recording sound for a new film in the Sierra Nevada this summer when he fell several hundred feet to his death. Deal’s films exemplify a long-standing tradition among California independents: lush nature images laid over one another so that they become even more lush, with mysterious, flowing rhythms that owe little to narrative or language. At one point in his Symphonia de Erosus we see fragments of a waterfall in a cloudy sky, and the result is almost meditative. His sound tracks are also dense collages of natural and synthesized sounds. On the same program, his Symphonia de Sierra and three films by friends of his who work in similar styles: Jerome Cook’s Apartment 25, a solemn, almost melancholy depiction of Deal’s apartment; Alfonso Alvarez’s La Reina, which, with its profusion of flowers, is even more lush than Deal’s films; and Larry Kless’s Cowboys Were Not Nice People. These works may be a little short on cinematic organization and decipherable meanings, but they’re often stunning to look at.