True to series form, plot is nearly indiscernible, but this fourth installment in the sci-fi/horror/action franchise created by writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson is the sleekest so far, thanks to 3D and star Milla Jovovich’s body-hugging catsuit. In a spectacular opening sequence the gun-toting heroine and an army of her clones invade the Tokyo headquarters of her nemesis, the Umbrella Corporation, engineer of the virus that has turned most of humankind into flesh-eating zombies. The rest of the film doesn’t maintain that energy level, but offers passable escapism as Jovovich flies down the North American Pacific coast in search of fabled Arcadia, a disease-free community. Amid an LA aflame and teeming with the undead, she finds a small band of survivors holed up in an old prison; now the good guys have to break out, before the zombies break in. With Ali Larter, Boris Kodjoe, and Wentworth Miller. In English and subtitled Japanese.