Michael J. Fox sits pensively for the camera
Credit: Gene Siskel Film Center

The beloved actor Michael J. Fox shines with empathy and honesty in Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie. Fox has a positive vibe that the world appreciates, and his struggle with Parkinson’s disease has not dampened that positivity, a fact that’s evident in director Davis Guggenheim’s new documentary. Fox tells the story of his family, his successes, and his life since the diagnosis. His is one of the most detailed and enthralling stories I have seen this year in a documentary.

As Fox talks about his success, the film brings its audience back to the days of Back to the Future, Teen Wolf, and Family Ties. He explains how his journey has required considerable patience at times, and that most of all, optimism is what keeps him alive. Still is a powerful and invigorating celebration of an icon who thrives on positivity despite having a terrible disease. The unforgettable documentary demonstrates realism and emotion, while never going too far down the rabbit hole of sadness, finding the light in Fox’s life as well. R, 95 min.

Gene Siskel Film Center, Apple TV+