Francois Ozon, director of such realistic dramas as Swimming Pool (2003) and Under the Sand (2000), ventures into fantasy with this French feature, which might be read as a parable about coping with “special needs” infants. A single mother (Alexandra Demy), living in a council flat with her seven-year-old daughter, throws herself into an intense affair with a new coworker (Sergi Lopez); after she gives birth to a son, the baby strains the domestic fabric with his incessant crying, provoked not by teething but by the wings sprouting from his back. This is among Ozon’s most lyrical and daring films. The daughter (Melusine Mayance), forced to grow up too soon, is both frightening and sympathetic, simmering with jealousy as she makes room for the new men in her home. In French with subtitles.