Young marrieds Mitch (John Keyser) and Meris (Katie O’Grady) relocate from southern California to the small Oregon town where Mitch grew up. His old buddies have all married their high school girlfriends, and Meris is quickly frozen out by their smug, provincial little clique; after Mitch divorces her to marry his old flame, Meris hangs around town, hoping to win him back, but eventually falls in with some rowdy punk chicks. This indie comedy starts off well, buoyed by O’Grady’s eager, sympathetic performance. But writer-director James Westby, unwilling to let his story tell itself, hammers home every character moment with zooms, invasive close-ups, and antic editing. This hectoring visual style becomes particularly irritating in combination with his rigid social stereotyping: when Meris finds true love, it arrives in the pre-approved form of a nerdy record-store clerk.