I seem to recall Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, but there isn’t much of that in this $237 million action-adventure flick. Instead, director Ridley Scott (salary: $3.8 million) and screenwriter Brian Helgeland ($3.5 million) focus on Robin’s efforts to unite his countrymen against the invading French and in favor of the Magna Carta. Russell Crowe ($20 million) and Cate Blanchett ($10 million) have some pleasant romantic wrangling as Robin and Maid Marion; the supporting players range from enjoyable (William Hurt, Max von Sydow) to risible (Danny Huston as King Richard the Lionheart). But as in so many summer behemoths, the real stars are the projectiles—in this case, arrows with their own point-of-view shots, zipping through the air and finding their targets with pinpoint accuracy.