A rambling, sometimes hallucinatory back-to-nature urban fable from experimental Japanese director Masashi Yamamoto (Carnival of the Night). Kumiko Ohta plays a drug dealer and street hustler who finds an abandoned building and decides to move in. With the assistance of a book called Even Morons Can Grow Vegetables she cultivates the surrounding land using a customized scooter as a plow. Disillusioned by modern Japanese society she feverishly retreats into decorating her own world, only to be periodically tormented by old friends, ancestral ghosts, and an amoral little girl prone to violence and childish acts of aggression. Yamamoto delivers darkly comic sketches of a Tokyo subculture and a bleak prediction for the future of Japan. The title is derived from the lead character’s Robinson Crusoe existence. The impressive visuals were shot by Jim Jarmusch’s cameraman Tom Dicillo.