Rock My Religion Credit: Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York

A ragged mix of historical art, scrolling text, voice-over narration, rock tunes, and live performance footage, this 1984 video essay by Dan Graham ponders the religious roots of rock, drawing a straight line from Ann Lee, who led the Shakers from England to North America, to Patti Smith, presented here as a modern high priestess. Graham scores his best points early in the chronology, noting how ecstatic religions informed the rock concert experience and forged some of the radical, utopian ideals at the heart of the music (the high point is an audiorecording of Sun Records producer Sam Phillips trying to persuade Jerry Lee Lewis that he can do the Lord’s work through rock ‘n’ roll). Unfortunately, Graham loses steam as he gets into the more familiar sociological territory of the 60s rock shamans (Morrison, Hendrix, etc) and the Woodstock generation. Sonic Youth and Glenn Branca contributed some original tunes to the soundtrack.