Campbell Scott is clearly having a ball playing Roger—a cynical ad executive whose approach to women is a cross between liar’s poker and hostile takeover—and he invites us to relish the sheer audacity of his nasty patter. When Roger’s nephew Nick (a terrifically sly Jesse Eisenberg, whose dorky innocence has some tricky undercurrents) asks for advice on how to get laid, Roger takes him out for a night of education. Scott and Eisenberg are so good at playing off each other that you’ll happily forgive this 2002 release its familiar moralistic payoff: polished player hiding inner bleakness gets his comeuppance when faced with innocence and honesty. Writer-director Dylan Kidd has a great ear for dialogue, and he throws in a few unexpected twists. But the real fun is watching an established pro and a newcomer run with the script. 104 min.