Directed by Rodney Ascher, this Sundance-produced documentary inventories some of the wilder theories surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror opus The Shining: it’s really about the Holocaust, about the genocide of Native Americans, about Kubrick’s rumored collaboration with the U.S. government to fabricate the Apollo 11 moon landing. The evidence offered for these theories is so slight (continuity errors, set-dressing details) that the movie registers less as logical argument than as an artifact of the Kubrick cult; the notion that anything committed to celluloid by this famously deliberate filmmaker might have been random or accidental is beyond some people’s comprehension. Generously illustrated with clips from The Shining and other Kubrick movies (including, most hilariously, Eyes Wide Shut), this is sure to amuse you if you get a bang out of the claims that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and Dark Side of the Moon was intended as a soundtrack for The Wizard of Oz.