This triumphantly snarky slacker comedy stars Gabriel McIver as an unrepentant young sex offender who’s paroled from prison and grudgingly goes through the motions of reintegrating himself into his community in Austin, Texas. Writer-director Bob Byington conceals the exact nature of the character’s crime for much of the movie, building sympathy for him as he picks up garbage on the roadside to fulfill his community service and knocks on doors to notify his neighbors that he’s an RSO. When his offense is finally revealed, it turns out to be relatively innocuous, which downgrades the comedy from satire to farce and proves that Byington isn’t nearly as edgy as he thinks he is. But even with this cop-out, the movie digs into the challenging question of how we can hope to govern people whose urges are ungovernable. With cameos by Richard Linklater, Andrew Bujalski, and Caveh Zahedi.