Run & Jump

An Irish furniture maker (Edward MacLiam) returns home to his lively wife (Maxine Peake) and two children after sustaining frontal-lobe damage in a stroke; studying this rare condition, and paying the family to lodge him for two months of clinical observation, is an uptight neurologist (Will Forte) who soon becomes uncomfortably entwined in the family’s painful emotional adjustment. Peake, who’s worked mainly in British TV, gives a breakout performance as the wife, a firecracker who holds the family together despite her private grief that the strong man she married has turned into a different person—confused, irrational, and unable to relate to anything but animals. Over the two-month study, the expected love triangle emerges, but writer-director Steph Green develops it so patiently and notes its emotional dislocations so carefully that it never descends into cliche.