Playwright Conor McPherson wrote and directed this enjoyably lighthearted yarn set in an Irish seaside resort village, about an unusually eventful week in the life of the Beneventi family, owners of the local restaurant. Tired of watching his heavily indebted father grovel before the town’s thuggish bookie, the family’s eldest son (Peter McDonald) hatches a plan to rob the betting parlor, inadvertently involving his younger brother (Laurence Kinlan) and philandering best friend (Conor Mullen), both of whom are struggling with problems of their own. Like John Duigan’s or Bill Forsyth’s early films, Saltwater has a keen sense of local color, along with a warmth and humor that never descend into the forced sentimentality often plaguing movies like this. McPherson’s low-key approach is complemented by a fine ensemble cast. 94 min.