British guerrilla artist Banksy satirized the commercialization of street art with his cheeky 2010 film Exit Through the Gift Shop; this provocative documentary by Colin M. Day examines the same subject, using as a springboard the murals Banksy painted in San Francisco that same year. At that time stringent anti-graffiti laws required owners of “defaced” buildings in the city to destroy the illegal art or pay fines, but local collector Brian Greif so loved a particularly fine Banksy stencil, “Haight Street Rat,” that he bought and removed the wooden panels on which it was painted. Greif had intended to donate the piece to a worthy museum for display, but to his chagrin, the only interest came from for-profit galleries. Of the various street artists interviewed for this 2015 release, Ben Eine in the UK and Kelly Graval (aka RISK) in LA offer the keenest insights into the shifting line between public and privately owned art.